Freelance Designer for The Midwife Center
Website Design as a Participant of the Steel City Codefest
Graphic Designer for K&L Gates
Responsive Web Design for the In Sisterhood Project
Print Design, Illustration, Branding for Kiva Han Coffee Company
Graphic Designer for Spindle Publishing Company

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Amy DePalma, a Graphic Designer for K&L Gates, a global law firm based in downtown Pittsburgh. As part of the firm-wide marketing team, I design various promotional materials including brochures, web graphics, publications, and advertisements.

When not designing in-house, I work with non-profits and small businesses to help them achieve their marketing goals through the creation of websites and printed collateral.

I love to organize - my sock drawer, your sock drawer, information, layouts. You name it, I’ll find a way to organize it! I bring that same passion into every project I do. Simple and easy-to-use design is the best design.

I’m an avid fan of concerts (where I’m standing, never sitting), Rick Sebak, being a twin, my cat Pookies, brunch, learning, and Pittsburgh. I’m not a huge fan of parades or those head massager things.